yotuel microbiome erosion teeth

YOTUEL® erosion teeth & gums

Protects enamel and gums against erosion with minerals and protective ingredients

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YOTUEL erosion teeth & gums , the toothpaste with the new generation, ultra mild formula that protects enamel, dentin and the eco system to fight against erosion and caries. It´s composition has shown to be effective in remineralization and recuperation of enamel. With anti erosion ingredients. Your best defence for enamel and soft tissues. With proven whitening efficacy

  • 0% SLS
  • With vitamin B5 and prebiotics
  • Mild formula with a neutral pH
  • Enzymatic whitening

How does YOTUEL erosion teeth & gums work? 

  • Protects the oral eco system.
  • Cares for sensitive teeth and gums.
  • Remineralizes and recoups enamel.
  • With ingredients to protect against caries and erosion.
  • Protects soft tissues.
  • Proven anti-plaque inhibitor.
  • Proven Enzymatic whitening efficacy.

YOTUEL takes care of your gums by preventing the growth of dental plaque.

Our daily activities cause tension, stress, modern diets with an excess of acids, soft drinks or fruit juice mean that our mouth is very often in an acidic situation, which in many cases, can lead to acidic erosion of the enamel and dentin.

Factors which contribute to a constant threat against our oral Health leading to erosion of the enamel, caries and micro fissures which can darken the color of the teeth.

Protect yourself against erosion and caries. Look after your mouth

Sometimes, we have dental sensitivity with heat or cold, bad breath, bleeding or red gums. This can affect everyone.

If this happens, pay attention. Healthy gums do not bleed.

Visit your dentist and choose the right oral hygiene product.

With YOTUEL Microbiome, you choose.

Suitable for vegans.

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