Formulated and recommended by dentists.

YOTUEL® all in one Snowmint

Whitening toothpaste with carbamide peroxide. Remineralises and prevents caries

Snowmint flavor

Dual action toothpaste, whitens and and cares for enamel

YOTUEL all in one Snowmint improves your whitening and strengthens enamel

  • The 1st toothpaste with carbamide peroxide (the whiteninging ingredient used by dentists).
  • Strengthens enamel.
  • Eliminates internal and external stains.
  • Our unique formula with fluoride, calcium, xylitol and potassium remineralises enamel and prevents caries.
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On many occasions your teeth are exposed to certain impacts that damage the dental enamel and as a consequence, cavities can appear. These impacts can occur at any time.

Don´t let cavities prevent you from enjoying and doing what you like the most and use the All In One Snowmint toothpaste that thanks to its formula based on Carbamide peroxide, Xylitol, Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphates, makes your enamel harder and whiter and thus prevents the appearance of cavities.

Many soft drinks, juices or isotonic drinks erode tooth enamel and stains can also appear on the teeth due to acids. The All In One Snowmint toothpaste reduces the erosive impact that these drinks produce on the teeth.

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