Frequent questions

Everything you need to know about Yotuel toothpastes

Yotuel toothpastes don´t foam? It's strange, are they okay?

Yotuel toothpastes don´t foam because they are formulated without foaming agents or detergents, this reduces the amount of mouth ulcers. There is a false belief that foam is responsible for cleaning and this is not the case at all. For this reason, our toothpastes do not include SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which is the most commonly used toothpastes.Through many researches it was proven that SLS is responsible for mouth ulcers.

I have gum problems. Are Yotuel toothpastes harmful?

None of our Yotuel toothpastes are harmful to your gums. If you have gum problems, such as gingivitis, bleeding gums, gum retraction, among others we recommend that you brush your teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush and use Yotuel Pharma toothpaste, since it contains Vitamin B5 that helps to heal the sores and wounds inside the mouth.

I have a lot of dental sensitivity. Can I use Yotuel All in One?

If you use Yotuel All in One, in fact you will see how this dental sensitivity will tend to disappear over time because Yotuel All in One remineralises the enamel and makes it stronger.

I have tetracycline stains, from when I was younger. Which Yotuel toothpaste would you recommend?

People with tetracycline stains have an altered tooth structure, so accessing the interior is difficult and they need a lot of consistency and time to whiten. As a toothpaste for daily use, the best option would undoubtedly be Yotuel All in One.
We also recommend that you ask your dentist about our professional Yotuel whitening treatments since you will also need several sessions at your dentist´s.

Whitening toothpastes are abrasive, is Yotuel abrasive?

Our Yotuel toothpastes are the most innovative and are formulated with the most modern and sophisticated technologies, that is why both Yotuel Pharma and Yotuel Classic toothpastes use nanoparticles with a rounded shape that guarantee the elimination of chromophore particles (with colour). That´s why after using the toothpastes, you will feel that your teeth are very smooth and with an exceptional shine.

You decide which one you prefer, whether to whiten your teeth with or without protection, it is as if you clean a stain from the floor, sand it or polish it, both processes are effective in removing the stain but the impact on the floor is not the same. The first would harm it and the second would respect it, highlighting its brilliance.

What is the difference between Yotuel Pharma and Yotuel All in One?

All of our whitening toothpastes are for daily use and they remineralise teeth while protecting the gums, healing any sores if they exist, with very powerful anti-tartar and anti-caries action. The main differences are:

Yotuel Pharma acts upon enamel, that is, it removes external stains from the tooth. It is ideal as a toothpaste for daily use to keep teeth white and healthy and thanks to its formulation with Vitamin B5 it is indicated for sensitive gums.

Yotuel All in One is formulated with Carbamide Peroxide, the same whitening molecule for professional use, which works on both an internal and external level without producing sensitivity, that is, it removes internal and external stains from the tooth. Thanks to its high concentration of xylitol, it prevents dental caries and also remineralises and repairs fissures and daily erosion of teeth.

As we recommend to change a toothpaste from time to time, you can try both All in One and Pharma over different periods of time.

Which toothpaste is “the strongest”?

None of our toothpastes is strong in a harmful way because they are all 100% safe and respectful of your mouth. They are toothpastes with whitening effect from the first brush and have a lower abrasiveness than any other toothpaste.

Yotuel All in one was awarded the 2010 Pure Beauty Award in the UK.

Which toothpaste is more effective?

All the products that we make available to our consumers are effective, the difference is that they have different indications.

Choosing between one or the other will depend on whether the whitening you want should be more external or more internal, any of the three options are equally good.

Yotuel All in One Toothpaste How many times a day can it be used? How long should I brush?

We recommend to use All in One toothpaste at least 3 times a day, that is, after the main meals. Ideally, brush for 3 minutes.

We recommend using Yotuel Mouthwash, after brushing to ensure the best oral hygiene.

All Yotuel toothpastes are designed to be used on a daily basis.

When do you start to notice results with Yotuel All in One?

The results are visible from the first brush because the teeth have an unusual smoothness and shine.

The speed in achieving the desired result will depend on each person, because the concept of white is not the same for everyone, it will depend on the porosity and state of the enamel of each person, type of stain, location of the same, etc. .

It cannot used to whiten non vital teeth or covers, crowns, prosthetics, implants, composites


Everything you need to know about Yotuel Breath

What is halitosis?

The vast majority of studies on halitosis estimate that 90% of the causes originate in the mouth, confirming that a high percentage of bad odour comes from the tongue. Normally the oral cavity houses a considerable amount of bacteria, many of them responsible for producing volatile sulfuric compounds (CSV) that have an unpleasant smell. These same studies consider that the remaining 10% of bad breath originate from problems with the respiratory tract and other body conditions, such as kidney disease, diabetes, liver dysfunction, and cancer, among others.

What causes bad breath?

Halitosis is not a disease; It is a common and ancestral human condition, which has a great social impact due to the high percentage of people who suffer from it. It is a problem that has overtaken health professionals (doctors and dentists), due to the little information on its causes, diagnostic methods and treatments.

Bad breath is considered by medical science to be a possible symptom of oral and extra-oral physiological or pathological processes, or inadequate oral hygiene practices. It can also appear as a manifestation produced by habits related to food, tobacco and alcohol


Who suffers from bad breath?

Almost all people, at some point in their life, have temporary or transitory halitosis. It manifests itself in bad breath that occurs when waking up in the morning, due to the consumption of food, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, certain medications, as well as colds and diets, among other causes.

Bad breath is not perceived by the person who suffers from it, but by those around us. This has its explanation in the inability of people to detect their own bad breath. Those who are aware of their problem, in general, have noticed it thanks to someone close.


Is halitosis permanent?

All products in the YOTUEL line are recommended by renowned specialists and their efficacy and safety are scientifically proven worldwide.

Halitosis can occur temporarily and chronically. In all cases, previous efforts have been more focused on masking it than on finding definitive solutions


What causes halitosis?

The main cause of halitosis is bacterial. Bacteria such as gram negative anaerobes, which are part of the oral flora and inhabit low oxygen places in the oral cavity, such as soft tissues and especially behind the tongue, are common in the mouth. These bacteria feed on the protein food waste that is trapped in the places where they live, and they also consume dead cells from skin and some proteins from saliva.

Bacteria produce volatile sulfuric compounds (VSC), such as hydrogen sulfide (which has a rotten egg smell), methyl mercaptan (human waste odour), and dimethyl sulfide in small amounts. These smelly gases evaporate quickly and are exhaled into the breath.


How does Yotuel Breath work?

YOTUEL BREATH is based on natural products that respect the intestinal flora: extra virgin olive oil and essential oils. The greasy nature of the oil has the ability to capture the sulphurous volatile compounds (CVS), which are what produce the bad smell. By encapsulating them, they stop producing an unpleasant odour.

The YOTUEL BREATH formula helps keep the intestinal flora in perfect condition and does not include harmful elements such as alcohol, detergents or sugars.

YOTUEL BREATH is the only specific product line for all types of halitosis, whatever its origin and / or location: oral and / or extra-oral. Its efficacy is based on the fact that it does NOT MASK bad breath, it eliminates it.


How long does the effect of Yotuel Breath last?

It depends on the presentation. The capsules can last up to 6 hours, the gum an hour and he spray can be used whenever you need it.


About Yotuel

Does Yotuel contain fluoride?

The most important thing in oral hygiene products is not whether or not it contains fluoride, but whether it is 100% active, because there are many fluoride salts that do not allow fluoride to be released into the mouth, so they can hardly remineralise teeth.

All Yotuel toothpastes contain 100% active Fluoride, which is why its high remineralising power is renowned.

Is it true that SLS is found in washing up liquid?

SLS is a powerful surfactant (wetting agent) and detergent with industrial uses because it exerts a powerful emulsifying action, which removes oil and other stains (dirt).

SLS is widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulations for topical and oral use, such as shampoos and toothpastes. It is a moderately toxic substance, whose acute toxicity effects include irritation of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes, upper respiratory tract, and stomach.

Prolonged, repeated exposure of the skin to dilute solutions can cause dryness and cracking; Contact dermatitis can also develop. Inhalation for long periods of time can damage the lungs.

Is it true that chlorhexidine stains teeth?

Chlorhexidine can indeed cause the appearance of dark stains and stains on teeth and tongue and restorations. Such stains require professional bleaching to be removed. This is because chlorhexidine has a high affinity for tooth and tissue surfaces and serves as a reservoir after rinsing or irrigating with the agent. Due to its high substantivity it is considered the “gold standard” of antiseptics.

I have had a professional whitening in my dental clinic and I want to reinforce it. Can I do it with Yotuel products?

Biocosmetics Laboratories only distributes Yotuel Professional to Dental Clinics and cannot under any circumstances distribute it directly to consumers in compliance with the provisions of the law so we ask you to obtain it through your local dental clinic.

However, by using Yotuel OTC products available in the pharmacies you can maintain your whitening result for the longest possible time.