5 Tips to prevent cavities

Do you feel pain in your teeth when eating something crunchy, very hot or very cold? Do you have a bad taste in your mouth and bad breath?

If your answers are yes, it is more than likely that you have some tooth decay and that this is the reason why you feel discomfort or have the feeling that your mouth is not healthy.

Dental caries is a fairly common infectious disease worldwide and to which all people are susceptible, especially if you tend to neglect dental hygiene or eat foods with a lot of sugar. Specifically, dental caries destroys the tissues of the teeth due to the acids produced by the bacteria that are not eliminated.

You may have had a cavity for a long time and do not know it, since until the infection begins to cause pain it is usually not detected. For this reason, it is very important to act at the moment when the discomfort appears and go to the dentist to carry out the appropriate treatment, and in this way avoid greater damage that can affect the gums and the loss of teeth.

Luckily, preventing tooth decay is a very simple process that is based on having a good dental hygiene routine, using the right products and paying attention to our diet.

5 tips to prevent cavities

With these tips you will verify that it is very easy to prevent tooth decay and that it is only necessary to introduce certain actions in the daily routine:

  1. Perform proper daily dental hygiene: Starting with learning how to brush your teeth properly and how to do it to remove all debris and prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar.
  2. Limit the intake of sweets and soft drinks while maintaining a balanced diet: You do not need to avoid the temptation to eat some sweets when you feel like it, but it is better that you indulge in this treat between meals because that is when your mouth has more of saliva that acts as a protector of the teeth. It is important that you do not overlook the amount of carbonated and sugar-containing beverages you consume every day that eventually weaken your teeth and expose them to dental problems, such as cavities, sore gums or loss of enamel.
  3. Chew sugar-free gum: It is a good way to produce saliva that helps fight against the acids present in the mouth. In addition, by containing xylitol they help prevent cavities. It is not an alternative to brushing, but it is a product that can get you out of a hurry when you can’t brush your teeth or notice that you don’t have good breath.
  4. Take fluoride in the right amount, calcium and vitamin D: You can consume them through foods present in any balanced diet or reinforce their presence through food supplements. There are fluoridated waters that have an optimal concentration of fluoride and you can also find foods, such as fluoridated salts and milk, that have the same positive effects for the prevention of cavities. On the other hand, basic products for dental hygiene, such as toothpastes or mouthwashes, present these compounds intended to strengthen tooth enamel and make any teeth more resistant to the appearance of cavities.
  5. Prevent better than cure: Identifying and avoiding the causes that cause cavities is essential, and surely you are now more aware of the different factors that negatively influence and how to avoid them as much as possible. Do not forget that other bad habits, such as biting your nails or chewing on pens while you work, are sources of bacteria that you introduce into your mouth that, in addition to being able to damage your bite and enamel, increasing the chances of suffering oral infections.

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