Diabetes and oral care

Today, 14th November, is World Diabetes Day coinciding with the day that Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered insulin 98 years ago today. Mouth care is important for everyone, but we want to take this day to explain what oral ailments can appear if you have diabetes and do not follow a proper dental hygiene.

When a person has diabetes the blood sugar level is quite high. This means that it affects the whole organism with a stronger impact on teeth and gums, so these are prone to be damaged if there is no thorough and daily care.

What oral ailments may appear when you have diabetes?

When you have diabetes, controlling the level of blood glucose is very complicated, in addition it usually also appears in the saliva causing the bacteria to become more active and cavities, inflammation of the gums, delays in the healing of wounds or sores can appear.

If a daily cleaning with toothpastes and other recommended oral products is not maintained, the following diseases may occur:

  • Gingivitis: If eating hard foods, after brushing, your gums bleed, it is very likely that you have what is known as gingivitis. This occurs when tartar builds up on the teeth and as a result, the gums are irritated. One of our top toothpastes, Yotuel Pharma B5, in addition to being anti-inflammatory and regenerative provides potassium for the teeth and strengthens the gums from the aggressions of modern life. In addition, we recommend using mouthwashes or flosses that eliminate the remains of bacteria that the toothbrush is not able to reach.
  • Caries: By having an increased blood glucose level, the supply of sugars and starches is greater and they are more likely to interact with the bacteria in the mouth and cling to the teeth forming a sticky film that damages the enamel and causes the appearance of cavities.
  • Mouth sores: Those with diabetes are more likely to develop mouth ulcers and canker sores. In many cases the appearance of these sores cannot be controlled because they appear suddenly, but they can be prevented with good oral hygiene.
  • Periodontitis: Another common ailment in people who have diabetes is periodontitis. This disease is associated with the destruction of the soft tissues that act as a link between the teeth and gums. If the blood glucose is very high and if you don’t have good oral hygiene, that tissue can break, this is known as periodontitis. If this occurs very acutely, the teeth may fall out or be damaged leaving the enamel very weakened.

How can you prevent these ailments?

These diseases are the most common, but there are others that are also associated with a lack of oral hygiene and diabetes. To avoid the appearance of these ailments of the mouth, we recommend using toothpastes whose base is composed of calcium, potassium and fluoride, since the mixture of these ingredients remineralises the enamel and prevents the appearance of decay.

Within the range of toothpastess that we have in Yotuel, we recommend Yotuel All In One Snowmint since it is able to strengthen the enamel of your teeth and helps you prevent the occurrence of any disease such as those we have explained previously

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