Sport | Erosion and dental wear during sports practice

desgaste dental deporte

Despite the fact that regular sports practice is beneficial, in oral health we must know that there are dental traumas, as well as a higher risk of tooth decay and wear.

Tooth wear in sports practice

As the main factor we find dehydration. During the practice of sport, breathing is usually carried out to a greater extent through our mouth, causing dry mouth and xerostomia (lack or decrease in saliva), which implies a loss of protection in our mouth. Likewise, the intake of products rich in glucose, intake of juices and sports drinks with an acidic pH during or after physical exercise, are also some of the factors that threaten our oral health in sports practice.

In addition, in sports practiced in swimming pools, the acidity of waters with excessive chlorination, increases the chances of suffering dental wear and gum disease.

One more factor that causes greater dental wear when we exercise is the voluntary or involuntary contraction of the muscles involved in chewing. This situation is very common in moments of tension, stress or caused by effort and erosion produces microcracks in the enamel in which stains that darken the colour of the teeth are drawn.

How to prevent dental erosion in sports practice

Do not forget to carry out your periodic check-ups at the dentist (preferably every 6 months).

Choose to chew natural fruits to the intake of industrial juices with high sugar content.

Use products suitable for a neutral pH such as YOTUEL all in one. Its formula provides minerals necessary for enamel: fluoride, potassium, calcium and xylitol, powerful remineralizers. Fluorine increases the resistance of enamel and xylitol – a natural substance extracted from birch – prevents its deterioration, wear and tear and cavities.

Did you know that at the London 2012 Olympic Games a large majority of athletes had some type of pathology in their mouth? (BBC)

During this Olympic event held in the capital of the United Kingdom, it was detected:

  • 55% of athletes with cavities
  • 45% with dental erosion
  • 76% with gingivitis
  • 15% with periodontitis

In addition, of all of them, 18% affirmed that part of their injuries in other parts of the body had as their origin the state of their dental health.

And, as we have stated, some muscle and joint injuries can be the result of infections in the teeth or the tissue that supports our mouthparts.

Our advice:

Keep doing sports, but don’t forget to take care of your mouth with good health and oral hygiene habits and keep your check-ups at the dentist because this way, you will also be taking care of your general health.


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