Tooth sensitivity to cold foods and drinks

sensibilidad dental frío

In summer, in order to cool down, we consume more cold drinks and sometimes our teeth suffer from the drastic change in temperature

The ice in a soft drink, biting into an ice cream, drinking cold water… There are many occasions when sensitive teeth can experience pain or discomfort.

Tooth sensitivity to cold foods and drinks

Dental sensitivity to a change in temperature, for example to cold, is due to the dentin being exposed. The dentin, protected by dental enamel, is made up of a series of small channels, called tubules that connect internally with the dental pulp, the soft tissue of the teeth to which nerve endings arrive. When the dentin does not protect properly, it allows thermal or other types of stimuli (eg acidic foods…) to act on those nerve endings, generating that discomfort, pain or pricking that we know as dental sensitivity.

How to avoid tooth sensitivity

There are two fundamental factors when it comes to avoiding tooth sensitivity.

First of all, as always when we talk about oral hygiene, the diseases or discomforts of our mouth could have been avoided through a daily oral hygiene routine.

Brushing and thoroughly cleaning our mouth and teeth after each meal will help protect us from cavities, dental sensitivity and other diseases.

In addition, the use of products recommended by dentists and dental hygienists will ensure that we are using professional, appropriate and effective oral cleaning products.

Finally, as we usually recommend, in the YOTUEL line you can find a product for every need and in this case in YOTUEL Pharma B5 you will find a perfect ally.

Avoid dental sensitivity by taking daily care of the health of your mouth.

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