What is xylitol and how does it aid in oral hygiene?

You have surely seen this sweetener in the supermarket next to traditional sugar. And it is that xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is extracted from the bark of trees, (as a curious fact the human body also produces it but in small amounts) and serves as a substitute for sugar.

But the benefits of this organic and natural substance go much further. In food it can be used as a sweetener, in fact it has a taste similar to sugar, but the oral benefits of xylitol are far from the great oral enemy: sugar.

One of the great characteristics of this substance is that it is not fermentable by the bacteria that we have in the mouth and therefore, it acts as anticaries. After taking xylitol our body has a high concentration of basic ammonium acids and ammonia in saliva.

This translated into effects in our mouth, means that the pH of dental plaque is in good condition and manages to enter the weakest areas of tooth enamel, strengthening it.

Just as it is essential to have a daily and optimal routine in terms of oral hygiene, it is also advisable to have a healthy diet that does not deteriorate tooth enamel and oral health in general. In this change of habits, the use of xylitol in substitution of sugar will help you reduce the appearance of cavities.

To understand it in a practical way, when we eat foods that contain many sugars (alcoholic beverages, juices …), the particles that make up this sweetener are trapped between the teeth and the acid found in the sugar generates a demineralization of the teeth and as a consequence , causes the appearance of cavities.

This dental pathology is the most common among the world population and is one of the worst enemies of oral health. Preventing cavities is within everyone’s reach by eating foods and beverages that do not contain high levels of sugars and using toothpastes composed of xylitol that greatly reduce the appearance of cavities.

Xylitol can be found in chewing gums, candies, vitamin complexes, mouthwashes, dental sprays, pacifiers or toothpastes such as Yotuel All In One Snowmint or Yotuel Classic, which repair the exterior and interior of the tooth enamel caused by sugar and in turn, remineralizes and prevents cavities and dental erosion.

As you have seen, xylitol is a substance with multiple benefits and that is why all YOTUEL toothpastes and whiteners have this compound. This allows us to have whitening and antibacterial products that are capable of regenerating tooth enamel that can be found to be depleted by the aggressions of modern life.

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