Stained teeth: main causes and how to avoid them

One of the most common dental concerns is the appearance of stains on the teeth. These spots can appear for various reasons: eating foods rich in colouring agents, poor oral hygiene, natural aging…

Dental stains are usually of different sizes and colours (this is due to different reasons that we will explain in this post). Also depending on the cause for which certain dental stains appear, they can be removed more quickly or not. In most cases, non-abrasive products can be used to help reduce or even eliminate tooth stains.

Take note of the possible causes of tooth stains and what products you can use to prevent or correct them.

Main causes of the appearance of stains on the teeth

  • Food and drinks

In most cases, the stains that appear on the teeth from eating or drinking certain types of food or drink are yellow or brown. The ingestion of citrus fruits, vinegar or coffee are the causes of these stains since they usually have colorants that affect the teeth, altering the bacterial flora and favouring the appearance of plaques of tartar and stains.

There are toothpastes such as Yotuel All In One Wintergreen or Yotuel Pharma B5, which prevent the appearance of these stains and also enhance the white of the teeth affected by the consumption of this type of colorants that some foods or beverages contain (blueberries, beets or curries are some foods that can also cause stains on the teeth).

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  • Tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco causes stains on teeth due to its high chemical concentration and alcohol due to the high amount of sugars. Eliminating its consumption is not a guarantee that the stains will go away, but there are toothpastes that help to enhance the white of the teeth and considerably eliminate the stains on the teeth.

  • Trauma

Another reason why stains can appear on the teeth are bruises or bumps on the face that can affect the structure of the teeth and as a consequence, internal bruises can appear giving rise to stains on the teeth in the medium or long term.

  • For dental treatments

When wearing dental covers to sleep or having braces and there is not good dental hygiene, tooth stains can appear. Therefore, it is essential to follow a daily oral hygiene routine with products that help stop bacterial plaques and strengthen the gums.

How to avoid and combat tooth stains

Commonly, dental stains are extrinsic or intrinsic in nature.

  • Extrinsic dental stains:

They are stains that are found on the tooth surface and usually appear due to the accumulation of some specific substances. Being stains that are located on the surface of the tooth, they are easy to remove. Normally, with daily oral hygiene, the spots disappear progressively in a short time.

These types of spots are usually brown or white and their size can be variable.

  • Intrinsic dental stains:

These types of stains are more complex since they appear in tooth enamel or even form in the ivory layer that we have on our teeth. These stains appear as a consequence of some problem in the tooth structure due to the intake of certain medications, specific diseases …

Dental stains can be caused by different external or internal factors and are usually a warning of the appearance of possible cavities. So it is recommended that you do not lose sight of your dental health. Not only do you have to brush your teeth after each meal, it is also recommended to use multi-action mouthwashes that stop the appearance of bacterial plaque, as well as dental accessories, such as dental floss.

In this way, you are more likely to eliminate all dental impurities and avoid or reduce the appearance of stains on the teeth.

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