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Breath Capsules

Captures and eliminates bad breath from the stomach

Try Yotuel breath capsules If you:

  • Have stomach problems, such as: acid reflux.
  • Go for a long periods without food.
  • Eat heavy meals.
  • Have bad breath when you wake up
  • Are on high – protein diet

Yotuel Breath Capsules are specially designed to combat bad breath caused by these factors.

Its formula based on essential oils eliminates bad breath immediately.

Instructions for use

An immediate feeling of freshness with Yotuel Breath Capsules:

  • Especially indicated for people who go a long time without eating or have diets rich in protein.
  • Act from the stomach, guaranteeing fresh minty breath.
  • Eliminate the causes of bad breath without disturbing the balance of your mouth.
  • Made from 100% natural oils that respect the natural flora of your mouth.

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