Bacterial plaque: how to stop its appearance and how to combat it

Since we are born, the mouth is full of microorganisms that begin to produce the accumulation of bacterial plaque. A large part of the presence of these microorganisms are fought by the natural action of saliva and the proteins it contains, which prevent the creation of a film on the teeth in which bacteria are usually deposited.

Bacterial plaque spreads around our teeth and gums and to remove it we need a quality dental and interdental brushing, since the most important thing to combat it is mechanical drag to prevent its adherence to the teeth.

Depending on our dental hygiene habits, our diet and the position of our teeth, the generation of bacterial plaque can be higher or lower. Specifically, a little brushing, not doing it correctly, as well as not using the most suitable toothpaste favor that bacterial plaque is thicker and calcifies, not only damaging our dental health, but also its aesthetic appearance and the degradation of the enamel.

Factors that influence the appearance of bacterial plaque and cavities

The first thing you should know to prevent the appearance of bacterial plaque and cavities are the factors that cause them. So in this article we are going to focus on showing you what are the main causes of bacterial plaque and how to combat it with simple routine steps:

The surface of the teeth and their location

Oral alignment significantly influences the greater or lesser retention of dental plaque. Therefore, a person with correct dental alignment will have less plaque retention than a person with crowded teeth.

In any case, and in both cases, the daily use of dental floss is the best ally to eliminate all bacteria and carry out a complete and effective interdental cleaning.

Abusing sugar, acid-rich foods, and carbohydrates

The bacteria already present in our mouth convert carbohydrates into acids that demineralize enamel and dentin, therefore a diet where these foods are abused will significantly influence the formation of cavities.

This does not mean that you eliminate them from your diet since their nutrients are very necessary for the health of the body, but it is necessary to pay more attention to dental cleaning after consumption.

Lack of saliva and fluoride

Saliva helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause cavities, but some habits such as drinking alcohol or tobacco promote the loss of salivary flow and therefore promote the appearance of cavities and the accumulation of bacterial plaque.

On the other hand, the lack of fluoride weakens the enamel and also increases the chances of tooth decay. To improve this situation, foods rich in fluoride and dental products rich in this component are key to filling these deficiencies, as with the use of Yotuel Pharma toothpaste.

Lack of oral hygiene or poor oral hygiene

Some of the most risky factors lie in hygiene habits, such as not brushing your teeth daily, dispensing with the use of dental floss, not using rinsing frequently or not performing well the movements of the mouthwash that end up directly affecting the accumulation of plaque, tartar and the appearance of cavities.

If you are not clear about what you are doing wrong or how you can improve your dental hygiene, it is best to visit a specialist and make sure that everything is in order or what special care you need to improve the health of your mouth.

Now that you know the factors that cause cavities and bacterial plaque, it’s time to get down to business and take the necessary measures. A good start is to try to control a diet rich in sugars and acids, especially by controlling alcohol consumption.

Of course, eliminating tobacco will be the best decision for your overall health and to curb the appearance of stains caused by nicotine.

Maintain complete dental hygiene with good brushing, a quality toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash. And do not forget to go to your dentist at least once a year for a check-up and check that with daily care you get great results.

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