Mouthwash: as part of your daily beauty regime

Before we begin, we want to make it clear that mouthwash can never be used as a substitute for tooth brushing, but as a complement to complete oral hygiene. Along this post we will explain why it is important to introduce it into your beauty ritual. Let’s get to it!

Day after day, our mouth is exposed to millions of impacts: saliva, food, air, drink and germs in general, that sneak into our mouths causing the tooth enamel to deteriorate. Therefore, teeth and gums need to be strengthened to stay strong when dealing with the impact of our daily routine.

Mouth wash: a must in oral hygiene

It is normal that when brushing our teeth, there are some germs that resist our brushing and stay hidden between the teeth, on the tongue or simply, are air particles that stay in the mouth and that the toothbrush cannot catch.

With the use of mouthwash, we’ll wipe out all those bacteria that resist brushing. These germs that we cannot eliminate with the toothbrush, are usually the main cause of oral diseases: cavities, bacterial plaque, bad breath or gingivitis. So with the use of a collusion, we would end up with all those bacteria that are left damaging the tooth enamel.

The advantages of using mouthwash:

1. Allows removal of all bacteria that are in hidden areas of the mouth and that the toothbrush cannot reach.

2. Fights dental plaque that forms in the enamel by drinking wine, coffee or certain foods composed of bacteria sensitive to tooth enamel.

3. It is ideal for those who have orthodontics, as it helps prevent tooth disqualification (very common in people with braces/brackets).

4. Provides a feeling of freshness in the mouth and also helps prevent the appearance of mouth sores.

We recommend you try the Yotuel mouthwash, because thanks to its compound, it respects the microflora found in the mouth and is also able to fight bacterial plaque and repair and strengthen the gums.

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The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

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