COVID-19 | Why is it more important take care of your mouth during the coronavirus pandemic?

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According to experts, taking care of oral hygiene is beneficial in the event of possible coronavirus infections.

To maintain good hygiene against COVID-19, mainly hand washing, the relevance of adequate oral hygiene is also very noteworthy.

As published by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia in reference to the past 42nd Congress

National Society of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN), “good oral hygiene is key to taking care of general health” and key to avoiding the development of some diseases or pathologies in the rest of our body.

Since the mouth is a route of entry and exit of any virus to our body, it is essential not to forget this part in our daily hygiene.

How the mask affects your teeth

It is true that during this time of pandemic we have continuously heard that the use of the mask affects our skin, even manifesting itself with the appearance of acne.

But how does the use of the mask affect our teeth? Well, the truth is that, according to several experts in an interview with VOGUE, the use of the mask can affect our mouth in several ways:

  • Bad breath
  • We breathe more through the mouth than through the nose and cause dryness in mouth. This results in less protection against bacteria.
  • We drink less water and our mouth is less clean, causing possibly bad breath and dental problems in the medium to long term.

How to combat the problems that it can cause in our hygiene oral use of mask?

  • Drink water and avoid sugary drinks.
  • Maintain a constant oral hygiene routine after each meal with suitable products.
  • Visit your dentist at least twice a year

So, remember to use the mask as long as necessary, but don’t forget to take care of your mouth by following these tips.

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