Do you suffer from gum pain?

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This is a problem that can affect everyone, especially those in their 30´s and 50´s. The pain can be accompanied by bad breath, sensitivity to cold or heat, bleeding gums, loosening of the teeth and redness of the gums.

If this happens, “be alert!
because healthy gums don’t hurt”.

The important thing, in any case, is to go to the dentist’s office whenever you feel gum pain and not try to combat it by using painkillers or other home remedies, waiting for it to pass.

The pain is usually due to some type of infection accompanied by gum bleeding, but it can also be due to a traumatic injury with sensitivity to cold or heat or loosening of the teeth.
In addition, periodic reviews with the dentist will facilitate the detection of these infections in the initial stages, increasing the possibility of saving the tooth or teeth affected by the infection.
Periodontal disease is easily preventable by simply maintaining proper oral hygiene that allows the elimination of bacterial plaque and also booking a dental cleaning twice a year and, in the event that tartar has formed under the gum line , for a curettage.

The most common causes of discomfort in your gums:

Gingivitis: or plaque-induced inflammation of the gums. In this case it is necessary to visit your dentist in order to stop this problem. If you don’t, you can experience increased pain, progression to periodontitis and eventually loss of teeth.

Caries: it can make you feel localised pain in the affected area of teeth and gums.

Hormonal changes: in situations and stages of a person’s life in which hormonal changes occur, such as during pregnancy, your mouth acts as one of the main indicators of these alterations, which can lead to gum pain.

Incorrect brushing and / or flossing: choosing a toothbrush that does not suit the needs of your mouth and / or carrying out a wrong technique in your dental hygiene is a very common factor of inflammation and pain of gums.

Lack of nutrients: as we said, the mouth is one of the main indicators of changes in your body. In this sense, the lack of nutrients due to a poor diet can cause the appearance of discomfort and pain in your gums.

Dental braces: if the orthodontics are poorly adjusted, it can cause pain in your gums. If this happens, go to your orthodontist as soon as possible to solve this problem.

Other common causes for gum pain: smoking, stress, irritation from certain foods …

Preventive treatments:

  • Perform the hygiene of your teeth and your mouth after each meal with a recommended vitamin B5 toothpaste.
  • Use the correct floss or interdental brushes.
  • Avoid tobacco use.
  • Make periodic reviews with your dentist (minimum two per year).

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