How to take care of your teeth in autumn

cuidar dientes otoño

During the summer, it is normal for our oral hygiene routine to be affected by a change in habits.

In this sense, it is normal that after a while, on many occasions after the summer season, some problems such as cavities, dental hypersensitivity, halitosis and tartar appear in our mouth.

According to the Official College of Dentists of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, another factor to take into account when taking care of our mouth with the onset of autumn and the arrival of flu and colds.

These processes can be associated with toothache, in addition to benefiting the appearance of oral pathologies (such as small sores, gum inflammation, etc.).

On the other hand, the typical nasal congestion of these processes causes breathing through the mouth, which increases dryness and therefore the risk of irritation and the appearance of cavities.

The College of Dentists of Santa Cruz de Tenerife recommends increasing your water intake to avoid this dryness and, in addition, remember that maintaining correct hydration in your body will help balance the pH of your mouth.

From Yotuel, we also want to include among these recommendations a visit to your dental clinic for a check-up – at least two a year – and to include good oral hygiene, a diet rich in nutrients, as well as avoiding bad habits in your routine.

Remember that this hygiene routine for your mouth and your teeth involves using a suitable brush after each meal, as well as an effective toothpaste and a mouthwash as the perfect complement.

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