How to remove tooth tartar

Your white, healthy teeth You’re sure to know the Smiley Face emoji 🙂, which is why World Smile Day is celebrated today. From Yotuel, we want you to smile always and also, do it radiantly and healthy, so we take advantage of this day to explain how you can remove tartar from your teeth to show off your best smile.

Although many dental ailments are associated with poor oral hygiene, the appearance of tartar can come out even though you’ve brushed your teeth frequently. Tartar appears by the mineralization of bacterial plaque which is composed of saliva, food bacteria, food scraps…

So an excessive accumulation of tartar is what often causes the appearance of gingivitis, cavities or other periodontal diseases. These ailments can be avoided or reduced the risk with proper hygiene and with the proper use of toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Why don’t we notice the appearance of tartar?

Many times we take time to clean our teeth after eating or there are simply teeth that are more sensitive to retaining bacteria that contain some food or beverages. Many times, these bacteria get caught between tooth enamel generating a film of substances that eventually causes stains on the teeth.

It is common that we only give importance to the appearance of tartar and in many cases, when it appears is the warning about the short-term appearance of cavities and other oral ailments. So we’re not just talking about keeping our teeth white for aesthetics, but about health. How to remove tartar from your teeth effectively?

Normally, we notice the appearance of tartar because our gums bleed or because the colour of our teeth is yellow or brown. If we find ourselves in this situation, it is advisable to go to a dental clinic so that a specialist will do a dental cleaning and can remove all the tartar accumulated in your teeth. But we can avoid visiting the dentist with very simple oral hygiene guidelines. It is advisable to brush your teeth three times a day with a toothpaste that slows the appearance of tartar.

We offer you three very simple practices to eliminate the appearance of tartar:

  • As we have always told you, there are foods that stain the teeth, so it is advisable to avoid them to stop the appearance of tartar. But fruits like strawberry or apple are rich in vitamins and prevent the appearance of tartar.
  • Another recommended practice, is to avoid tobacco as it is an irritant is enamel and as a result increases the possibility of oral diseases (tartar, cavities, irritated gums…)
  • Brush your teeth with fluoride and papain-rich toothpaste (papaya extract), as these compounds protect tooth enamel from the appearance of tartar. As is the case of YOTUEL Pharma, which acts as a protector against tartar and cavities.

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The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

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