The 10 benefits of smiling

The benefits of smiling are many. Discover below how it influences our mood and physical and mental health every time we show our teeth through a smile.

Smiling is an almost universal symbol of happiness. Although other gestures such as kisses, hugs or handshakes can vary in meaning, a smile is the same in any culture.

We all like to smile. It makes us feel good, it generates complicity when we do it accompanied, it helps us to face complicated situations … but how does it really influence our physical and mental state?

Ten benefits of smiling: show off your teeth

  1. Release of endorphins: generates happiness

Every time we smile, our body releases endorphins and serotonins into the blood, which triggers positivity, a reduction in pain and an improvement in the immune system.

  1. Generation of complicity and demonstration of kindness

The smile transmits kindness to the rest of the people with whom we interact. It shows that we are sociable, communicates in a positive way and is the best link to create a relationship.

     3.You exercise

Every time we smile, we set about 12 muscles throughout our body in motion, although this figure may vary. Among them, the levator angle of the mouth, upper lip, orbicularis oculi, risorio, zygomaticus major and zygomatic minor muscles are of safe contraction and movement.

  1. Increase self-confidence

Smiling improves our security. In this way, we feel closer and more convincing, so our self-esteem rises to combat insecurity and everything that surrounds it such as shyness and fear of ridicule.

  1. Goodbye to stress

By releasing endorphins through laughter, we are able to reduce cortisol, responsible for the feeling of stress.

  1. Improves the immune system

Smiling frequently produces a release of serotonin, which in turn strengthens our immune system preventing us from getting sick more often.

  1. Good for the heart

The release of endorphins produces an increase in blood flow and a reduction in blood pressure.

  1. Better skin appearance

Each time we laugh, more air enters the lungs, improving the oxygen in the blood and, as a consequence, the health of our skin.

  1. Help to face and dismiss each day

Smiling is the best trick to improve our predisposition in front of each day. Therefore, smiling when waking up and before going to bed allows us to activate and relax our body.

  1. More years of life

The journal Psychological Science revealed in 2010 through a study that the smile lengthens life. This publication indicated that not smiling gives us an average of 75 years of life, while doing so raises this rate to 79-80 years.

What do you think of these reasons to smile? Do it every day and enjoy showing off healthy white teeth.

And remember, always choose the right products for your mouth. Articles developed by dentists and dental hygienists tested in specialized laboratories such as Biocosmetics.

Do you have any questions? If you observe abnormalities in your oral development or yours, go to specialized dental clinics.


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