The importance of maintaining white teeth

Our smile is one of the most special and powerful characteristics we have.

Both professionally and personally, a smile helps us and is beneficial both for ourselves and our self-esteem, and for those around us.

A nice, pleasant smile does not have to be a perfect smile. But it does need to be a healthy and “well-groomed” smile. And nothing better shows our oral care and hygiene routines than having white teeth.

A person’s smile is practically the first thing we look at. Sometimes we do not remember the colour of the eyes, or the hair. But we always remember a smile that has made a good impression on us.

We take care of our smile because we generally take care of our appearance and we are aware that smiling is one of the most powerful weapons of seduction that we possess.

But the smile is much more than that. Smiling is healthy because by smiling we release endorphins, the well-being hormone, and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. In addition, it is proven that it helps prevent cell aging, improves oxygenation in our body and relieves pain.

A beautiful smile, with white teeth and care, strengthens our self-esteem and helps us to have better relationships with the people around us.

Furthermore, it enhances our optimism, our motivation and our capacity for resilience and facing challenges. And it generates trust in our environment, strengthening and strengthening ties of friendship, loyalty and affection.

Neglecting your smile can, on the contrary, create complexes and insecurities. By avoiding smiling, people are distanced and an image of antipathy is created, which inevitably damages both relationships with the environment and the relationship with oneself.

White teeth are the key to sporting a beautiful and healthy smile, typical of someone who takes care of herself both externally and internally.

How to get whiter teeth?

The first and most fundamental thing to keep teeth white is to carry out a complete daily oral hygiene: brush your teeth after each meal, use dental floss or interdentals to eliminate any remaining food and rinse with mouthwash once a day.

Another of the habits that we can implant in our usual routine is to chew gum for short periods of time and always without sugar, since this way we promote the creation of saliva, which neutralizes the acids that beverages or foods produce in our mouths.

To help have whiter teeth, we can use a whitening toothpaste like Yotuel All In One Snowmint. Its daily use helps to reduce stains and recover the whiteness of the enamel. In addition, it prevents tooth decay and dental erosion.

It is necessary to wear a beautiful smile to eliminate tobacco consumption and to reduce as much as possible the intake of drinks and foods that darken the teeth, such as coffee or tea.

Feeling good on the outside, sure of your smile and in harmony with your appearance, you will feel good on the inside, confident and able to achieve any objective. Taking care of the health and appearance of your teeth will help you achieve this.

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The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

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