What dummy to choose for a baby

A few days ago we told you about the best dental health habits for the whole family. What products to choose and how to use them, but when it comes to babies we must not neglect their hygiene either.

Despite having no teeth or all of them, babies also have pain in their mouth related to the appearance of teeth.

For this reason, one of the aspects to consider is the use of what type of dummies to calm them.

Dummies put great pressure on the palate and can sometimes cause occlusions and deformation of the jaw.

One of the most common dental problems in children usually comes from using incorrect dummies and is known as cross and / or open bite.

The wrong choice of dummy in the first years of life may cause a future need for orthodontic treatment.

With an open bite, the jaw is further back than it should be and reveals an increase in the space between the bottom and top teeth.

A Crossbite is characterised by the fact that the teeth of the upper arch, when closing the mouth, are behind the teeth of the lower arch. A Cross bite causes a narrowing of the palate that can lead to major problems such as facial asymmetries

To avoid the long-term consequences such as cross bite, forced bite or protruding teeth, it is advisable not to overuse the use of dummies and choose products that take into account the effects they can cause.

Which dummy to choose?

As you can see, choosing the right dummy can prevent future dental malformations. Ask your paediatrician or pharmacist.

We hope this information has been useful to you. From Yotuel we are committed to your oral health.

And if you have any questions or observe abnormalities in the oral development of the little ones, go to specialised dental clinics.

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