What is the difference between tartar and dental plaque?

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According to a study carried out at the University of Liverpool Dental School and published in the British Dental Journal, YOTUEL whitening toothpaste is effective as an inhibitor of dental plaque.

Do you know the difference between tartar and dental plaque? Although they are common oral hygiene problems, they are not the same.

Dentists in the clinic are often asked by their patients about the difference between dental plaque and tartar.

What is the difference between dental plaque and tartar?

The dental plaque that can accumulate on our teeth could lead to their deterioration and periodontal disease. For its part, this calcified dental plaque is called tartar.

Taking care of our teeth in the best possible way means knowing the best products for their care, but also the different conditions that we can suffer from.

Dental plaque

What is dental plaque?
Dental plaque is a biofilm that contains bacteria accumulated on our teeth, mainly in the gums. In this sense, when the sugars in food and drinks combine with plaque, they give rise to acids that attack tooth enamel, which can cause cavities. Dental plaque can also lead to gingivitis.

What to do to avoid dental plaque?
Having correct oral hygiene, using dental floss and maintaining a balanced diet low in sugars is essential to combat dental plaque. If this is not removed every day, it will accumulate, attack our teeth and may turn into tartar.

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