White teeth | How tobacco affects the health of your teeth


Having good dental health depends on many factors such as diet, correct oral hygiene and, to a large extent, avoiding harmful habits such as smoking.

Tobacco is the cause of a large number of diseases and affects both our mouth and our general health.

Do you want to know how tobacco affects the health of your teeth? Find out below the reasons why you should quit smoking.

Oral diseases caused by tobacco

Among other circumstances, tobacco prevents the absorption of calcium in our body, and can cause diseases with high mortality rates such as oral cancer.

In this sense, smokers are more likely to suffer from periodontal disease or gingivitis, as well as bone loss from the teeth and the teeth themselves.

In addition, smoking is one of the main causes of aging in the oral area, highly visible through yellow teeth and the potential appearance of different dental stains.

Get rid of tobacco from your day to day life and enjoy all the advantages of enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile.

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