Winter getaway: What products should always be missing in your bag

The December long weekend arrives, Christmas, trips to the mountains, snow days … Any excuse is good to pack and escape for a few days with friends, your partner or family. For these trips, however small, we need to pack a bag.

In winter the weather affects the skin and teeth a lot, so it is advisable to have a good facial and an oral cleaning regime in place so that they do not deteriorate. We will tell you what are the essential products that you should carry in your bag to keep your teeth and skin as healthy as if you were at home.

The products you should carry in your bag


Regardless of where you go on a getaway, you have to keep in mind that in winter the skin tends to dry out from the cold and is tighter, this is because as we do not sweat as much and we tend to drink less liquids, so the skin has less water and that It is the reason why it is more easily irritated.

We recommend that you use day and night cream to keep the skin hydrated. With a daily hydration routine, you will renew the skin and dead cells will not accumulate.


Often when we go on holiday we take small tubes of toothpaste that take up less space, but it is advisable that when we are away from home, we have the same daily oral cleaning routine. For example, our All In One Snowmint toothpaste is perfect for winter getaways, since it reduces the erosive impact that occurs in the teeth and also manages to correct the possible stains that may appear from ingesting some special treats, drinks or food.

On the other hand, it is normal that when we are on holiday we eat more in restaurants and do not carry a toothbrush, so we spend many hours with food scraps and debris in our mouths. In this case, we recommend that you use the Yotuel Breath range, these are chewing gum, capsules and sprays that help you keep your breath fresh and give a deep clean sensation.

Facial Cleansing

Although we may feel a little lazy, it is advisable to continue with the daily facial cleaning when we are away from home. Remember to put in your bag a cleansing lotion to remove all the dirt that can accumulate on your face, as well as a tonic that closes the pores and ends with the bacteria that may remain on your face.

You should leave relaxation aside and perform a cleaning ritual morning and night, if you still do not have time, we advise you to do the cleaning at night and thus eliminate the rest of makeup as well as the dirt that has been accumulated for the whole day. With this, your skin will breathe after being exposed to solar radiation all day.


Despite being winter, the sun is always there. It is true that it does not affect the skin as strongly as in summer, but UVA always affects our skin. So when you use your day moisturizer, try to have sunscreen to prevent the appearance of spots.

In addition, if you plan to go where there is snow, apply high sun protection since your skin will be more exposed to solar radiation.

Now that you know the essential products that you must carry in your bag, you just have to close your suitcase and enjoy your holidays!

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