YOTUEL microbiome & oral health | There is a way to take care of yourself in balance with our body

El 20 de marzo, celebración del Día Mundial de la Salud Bucodental, se trata de una fecha internacional para conmemorar los beneficios de una boca sana y de promover hábitos saludables en salud oral, en todo el Mundo.

YOTUEL microbiome, a revolutionary way to take care of our comprehensive health through oral health.

What is the microbiome?

The human body is made up of 30 trillion cells that make up our organs and an equal number of microorganisms that inhabit the mucosa and skin of our body, constituting what is known as the Human Microbiome.

The microbiome is made up of microorganisms (microbiota) and their habitat (environment). It performs functions that we are not capable of doing and essential substances for our health and well-being are synthesized.

The oral microbiome is made up of the oral microbiota and its environment and constitutes the first line of defense against infections by pathogens.

The new line of YOTUEL microbiome products has been conceived to care for and protect your oral microbiome, essential for health. With The Oral-Gut Connection® technology, it contains Saliactive® with unique principles in oral hygiene care to activate the barrier function and with prebiotics that act as nutrients for the oral microbiota and regulate microbial growth.

Health and well-being start in the mouth.

Yotuel, a way of taking care of yourself in balance with our body.

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The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

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