YOTUEL microbiome & oral health | What role does the oral microbiome play in our body?

YOTUEL microbiome y la salud bucodental | Qué papel juega el microbioma oral en nuestro cuerpo

YOTUEL microbiome, a revolutionary way to take care of our comprehensive health through oral health.

In previous articles we already anticipated the fundamental and strategic role that the mouth has in our body, the importance of the oral microbiome both for oral health and for that of the rest of the body.

Professor Marsh from the University of Leeds already said more than 12 years ago that “the mouth is the gateway to the body” and, therefore, the oral microbiome is our body’s first line of defence. In this sense, the most prestigious health publications affirm that, “within a very short time and, through a simple saliva test, we will be able to know what important diseases we are going to develop”, as explained by the International Journal of Oral Science in its study “Oral microbiome: the herald of children’s health”.

But the influence of the oral microbiome on health goes far beyond the mouth; The influence of oral dysbiosis in very serious systemic diseases such as cancer or ALS has also been demonstrated. Oral dysbiosis is related to ALS symptoms that begin at the cranial level.

Losing half or more of your teeth before the age of 35 has also been shown to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s by 1.7 times. As the last of many examples, alterations in the oral microbiome are already well detected in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

There have never been so many reasons, then, to remember that:

Oral Health is an indispensable part of general health and well-being.
Health and well-being start in the mouth.

The YOTUEL® microbiome product line cares for and protects your oral microbiome essential for health with The Oral-Gut Connection® technology. Contains Saliactive® with unique principles in oral hygiene care to activate the barrier function. With prebiotics that act as nutrients for the oral microbiota and regulate microbial growth.

YOTUEL helps maintain the balance of the oral microbiome. Protects the mucosal barrier and acts on the balance of the ecosystem and the oral microbiota.

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The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

The new way to care for yourself in balance with nature

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