A study ratifies the efficacy and safety of YOTUEL in its daily use

yotuel effective toothpaste

According to research from the Université libre de Bruxelles, YOTUEL toothpastes are effective in cleaning and reducing bacterial plaque, while also having a very low abrasivity.

When we look for a toothpaste for daily use to include in our oral hygiene routine, we mainly look for two factors: that it fulfills its cleaning task and, of course, that it does not damage our teeth.

In this sense, Dr. Patrick Majerus, from the Université libre de Bruxelles, leads research in which he demonstrates the effectiveness of YOTUEL toothpaste in cleaning and plaque reduction, as well as its very low abrasivity and, therefore, your oral safety on a daily basis.

This Belgian study corroborates the benefits of using YOTUEL as a daily toothpaste for sanitising our mouths on a daily basis after each meal.

YOTUEL toothpaste range

Within the YOTUEL range of toothpastes you will find several alternatives according to your needs and product characteristics.

pasta dientes yotuel all in one snowmint

YOTUEL all in one snowmint

Improve your whitening and strengthen your tooth enamel. YOTUEL all in one snowmint is the toothpaste you need to whiten and prevent the appearance of cavities.

YOTUEL all in one wintergreen

Two actions in the same toothpaste. YOTUEL all in one wintergreen is the first whitening toothpaste that repairs the exterior and interior of tooth enamel.

pasta dientes yotuel all in one wintergreen
pasta de dientes menta yotuel

YOTUEL Classic Mint

Cleaner, whiter and more radiant teeth with YOTUEL Classic Mint, the whitening toothpaste capable of stopping bacterial plaque..

YOTUEL Pharma B5

YOTUEL Pharma B5 is the star toothpaste for the care of your gums.

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