Gum pain: tips to relieve it

Gum pain tips

People with sensitive gums are prone to pain in this part of their mouth. We tell you how you can alleviate it.

Gum pain is included in the top 5 global concerns related to oral hygiene care.

What do I feel when I have bad gums?

When the gums are not healthy they manifest themselves in several ways. It is a discomfort in this part of our mouth that could show itself in the form of redness, pain and/or inflammation.

Throughout the planet there are many people who suffer from this pain, as there are many and varied causes that cause it.

  • Gingivitis: inflammation of the gums that leads to sensitivity, inflammation, mouth pain and bleeding. Most people develop this disease when debris and bacteria adhere to the teeth and remain for a long time. It is important that, if this occurs, we go to a professional. To avoid this situation, it is essential to have a daily oral hygiene routine.
  • Caries: When we have a cavity in a tooth we also feel pain, greater sensitivity and, in addition, this could also lead to the aforementioned sore gums. To avoid cavities we must keep our oral hygiene at bay, as well as, if a cavity occurs, go to our dentist to alleviate this situation.
  • Periodontitis: It is a derivation of gingivitis. Periodontitis is infection of the gums, jawbone, and supporting tissues that connect the teeth and gums. It could even cause your teeth to become loose and end up falling out. Go to your dentist when you present gingivitis to avoid reaching this situation.
  • Hormonal changes: The teeth are the first signs that we have in our body before any hormonal change, for example during a pregnancy it is common for our gums to be affected.
  • Bad brushing and sanitizing of teeth: The use of a bad toothbrush, an inappropriate toothpaste and/or as a bad technique in the use of these, such as dental floss, can cause inflammation of our gums. For this reason we have to learn to brush our teeth correctly.
  • Poor diet: Not having a balanced diet is also a key factor so that our gums are not healthy and become inflamed, causing pain and discomfort. Learn about beneficial foods for your teeth.
  • Lack of vitamins: The lack of vitamins C and K is also a factor in the inflammation and bleeding of our gums. A balanced diet will be essential.
  • Dental appliances: Misapplication of retainers, dentures, and dental appliances of any kind can lead to sore gums. If this situation occurs, we recommend that you discuss this matter with your orthodontic professional.

What can I do to take care of my gums?

To avoid gum pain we advise you to have good dental hygiene habits. Practice sports, rest, enjoy a balanced diet and use suitable products in your daily oral routine such as YOTUEL Pharma B5 toothpaste specially designed for the care of your gums.

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