Five bad habits that can damage your teeth

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In addition to carrying out a correct daily oral hygiene routine, there are other customs that can damage your teeth.

Oral health is the result of various factors. And it is that, without a doubt, when taking care of our oral hygiene with a suitable toothpaste, brushing after each meal, as well as visiting your dentist between one and two times a year, we must add our habits and diet.

For this reason, this week we are going to review five habits that may be damaging your teeth.

Five bad habits that damage your teeth

Sweets and sugary drinks
Sweets, candy, gum with sugar, as well as energy drinks and some soft drinks are products with a high sugar content, which can lead to dental problems such as cavities. If you are looking for a toothpaste to whiten your teeth and prevent cavities, say hello to YOTUEL All In One Snowmint.

This drink, one of the most popular in the world, can affect the colour of our teeth due to its colour and acidity. Fortunately, this effect can be alleviated with whitening treatments, as well as whitening toothpastes such as YOTUEL All in One Wintergreen.

As we already know, smoking is harmful to your health in general and, in particular, to your teeth, it affects both the gums and the appearance of stains, as well as being a potential cause of several types of cancer in the oral area. Take care of your mouth from punctual dental stains with the YOTUEL whitening Pen.

Chewing ice
Biting on ice can lead to breakage of teeth, as well as making them more sensitive to changes in temperature.

Fruit juices
Despite the natural origin of these drinks and being rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they are usually high in sugar. If you like fruit, make them whole pieces. The fruit is, better chewed than in juice.

As you have seen, there are many customs and habits of our day to day that can harm our mouth.

Remember: maintain your daily oral hygiene with a correct brushing after each meal, complement this hygiene with the use of a suitable mouthwash such as YOTUEL Mouthwash, take care of your diet and avoid bad habits.

And if you want to have always fresh breath, always carry YOTUEL Breath Spray with you.

And you? How do you take care of your teeth? Visit our blog ‘Healthy Smiles to learn more tips and good practices to have a healthy mouth.

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