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The bacteria that are generated in our mouth can cause cavities in our teeth. We tell you more about how to detect them.

In this sense, cavities appear when certain bacteria lead to an accumulation of plaque on the tooth surface. When this occurs, the bacteria found in the dental plaque convert the sugars in the leftover food into acids, which, in turn, attack our tooth enamel and cause these cavities.

Five signs to identify cavities in our teeth

Five symptoms to identify cavities

  1. Tooth sensitivity
  2. Small holes in the teeth
  3. Toothache or toothache when chewing
  4. White, brown or black spots on the tooth surface
  5. Bad breath or strange taste in the mouth

The first stage of any cavities will be detected by a dentist, so visiting a couple of times a year will be essential.

In this review, the professional will be able to see if there is a demineralised or worn enamel. If these first symptoms are not treated, they can develop into a hole in the enamel that reaches the dentin layer and then even reaches the pulp, causing pain and possibly destroying our teeth.

Four stages of caries

  1. Tooth enamel damage injury. It does not cause pain, as we say, it can only be detected by a dentist.
  2. Dentin damage. The tooth sensitive to contact with food, different temperatures, acidic flavours, sweets… It causes pain.
  3. Caries attacks the pulp. The pain is sharp and can spread to the area of the mouth where the decay is located.
  4. Growth of bacteria. Caries expands and can affect the tissues that surround our teeth such as ligaments, bone and gums. You will require emergency assistance at the dentist.

Remember that maintaining a correct oral hygiene routine with the right products will allow you to eliminate bacterial plaque, reducing the risk of caries.

The commitment of the entire YOTUEL product line is to maintain good oral health thanks, among other things, to its patented formulations with a high capacity to eliminate bacterial plaque. Thus, for example, YOTUEL classic mint is the toothpaste capable of stopping plaque thanks to the combination of its ingredients, including fluoride, xylitol, enzymes and stevia, which act as protective agents against tartar and cavities.

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