What effect does chewing gum have on your teeth?

masticar chicles dientes

Chewing gum is positive as long as the right gum is chosen. We tell you how to choose the perfect chewing gum and what benefits it has.

In the first place, we must always choose a sugar-free gum in order to avoid a counterproductive effect by favouring the generation of cavities and the accumulation of plaque.

Chewing gum allows you to produce more saliva, which translates, among other things, into…

  • Neutralisation and elimination of part of the acid that forms in our mouth from the decomposition of the food we have eaten.
  • Generation of minerals that can strengthen tooth enamel and reduce the risk of caries.

However, it is important to note that chewing gum is not a substitute for proper oral hygiene. We remind you of the 6 steps to make your dental hygiene routine perfect and that you can find on our blog.

Forget bad breath of oral origin with YOTUEL Breath Chewing Gum.

If you eat away from home and can’t brush your teeth, YOTUEL Breath Gum is your perfect ally.

It is made up of oils and thanks to the 10% xylitol it contains, it is capable of fighting cavities.

How to use YOTUEL Breath Chewing Gum?

The YOTUEL Breath Chewing Gum ritual is very simple.

First of all, remember to always carry it with you and, if you are away from home and need to take care of your mouth after eating, take one or two of these gums for 10 minutes.

After this ritual with YOTUEL Breath Chewing Gum your mouth will be fresh between four and six hours.

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