Healthy oral habits for the whole family

Having good oral care habits, as well as brushing at least three times a day, is something that should be instilled in children and the best way is to lead by example.
For this reason, creating a family oral hygiene routine will allow us to create these habits.

But how do you do it? The best way to turn these good practices into learning is to do it while playing and in a fun way.

In this way, children tomorrow when they are at school, in a summer camp or away from home for any reason, will have a well-established hygiene routine.

Educating in good habits is very important, but for this you have to be aware of what should be transmitted and how to do it.

Do you want us to help you? Keep reading and discover the oral cleaning protocol that we propose for the whole family.

Tomorrow, children will to start taking care of their own teeth.

This routine should start by teaching how to brush teeth correctly and, as they grow, how to introduce new elements for dental hygiene such as dental floss and interdental brushes to reach the corners where the brush does not reach.

It is also important to note that dental hygiene is not only focused on brushing, for example when they are the right age, we will teach them how to rinse their mouths with a quality mouthwash.

But before starting it is important to indicate that, in order to make the way of caring for our teeth more effective, it is necessary to use quality equipment and provide the whole family with the necessary materials both at home and when we are away: a toothbrush. teeth and a toothpaste, dental floss, interdental brushes and mouthwash.

These are our recommendations for your oral cleaning kit:

1. Choose a manual toothbrush that suits your needs: depending on the age of the family member, as well as if you have sensitive gums or if you like hard brushes.

2. Select a toothpaste that prevents the appearance of cavities and strengthens tooth enamel such as All In One Snowmint, perfect for family brushing.

3. Floss your teeth. Learn how to easily use it correctly. This is an essential element for interdental cleaning and to combat the accumulation of food debris that will become tartar.

4. Use of interdental brushes. They are able to reach the spaces between the teeth where the brush does not reach, they are smooth and effective.
They allow cleaning the smallest spaces without risk of injury, ideal for family meals away from home.
This product will be of great importance at the stage when children need dental correctors and wear braces, as it will help them complete their dental cleaning. If you already know this type of products, it will be easier for you to use them naturally and daily.

5. Mouthwash with mouthwash. Choose an effective multi-action mouthwash like Yotuel to combat bacterial plaque, repair enamel, and protect gums.
Its mint flavour makes it very appetizing and children will enjoy feeling fresh.

Have you taken note? With this kit as complete and at the height of any dental hygienist, together with the appropriate techniques of use, having a dental health of 10 is within the reach of each and every member of the family.

If you need to delve into this type of oral care issues or observe something strange in the growth of a development of the teeth of the little ones, do not hesitate to go to dental clinics specialized in children’s dentistry and that have the best resources to educate children. on dental hygiene issues.

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